Thanks Nassim,

We are both converging to the same origin now.

mutua muli -> mutuam muli -> mutuum muli scabunt

This is the full analysis (Erasme's Adagia) going back to the corruption of the original mutuum muli scabunt:

You will appreciate the "Meminit hujus et Varro libro De lingua Latina tertio. Quanquam is locus est foedissime depravatus non temporum modo culpa, verumetiam impressorum istorum vulgarium, quibus hoc unice propositum videtur, ut omneis bonos libros radicitus extinguant".

I cannot find an attested 'mutua muli'.

If my latin still serves me right, mulus/muli singular, so should be mutui muli, or more likely mutuo [verb] muli.

Maybe you are thinking of 'mutuo/mutuum muli scabunt' which is attested.

It's another version of 'fricantem frica'.

fricantem frica = rub what's rubbing [sc. you] , muli mutuo scabunt = mules scratch each other

Research by DRASTIC, a group of researchers working together to investigate the origins of SARS-CoV-2, starting from facts and not bending to any pressure. DRASTIC members were the first to discover the Mojiang ‘miners’ story.


Here we examine the circumstances behind the redaction of the Terms-of-Reference (ToRs) of the Global…

Very good article, Elliott.

Some little corrections:

- The US has around 1,500 [A]BSL3 labs (individual labs, not lab complexes). See reference [73] in Demaneuf & de Maistre, which points you to a nice graph in

[we did a similar graph for China: see page 35 of our paper]

- China has 2 P4 lab complexes with Harbin being now operative. It is planning 5 to 7 by 2025 (see page 36 of our paper)

- For some good counts of P4s worldwide please see

and (not as good as the one above)

Random musings about isoglosses and pains-au-chocolat — a linguistic flâneur’s journey

Isoglosses are separation lines between distinct linguistic features of a main language. On one side on the line on a map a feature is prominent, on the other side an alternative is dominant. …

Gilles Demaneuf

Opinions, analyses and views expressed are purely mine and should not in any way be characterised as representing any institution.

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