EcoHealth Alliance ‘Ground Truth’ $2mln grant

1.a The NBIC, the DHS and the US Intelligence Community (IC)

GTN was set up under the National Biosurveillance Integration Center (NBIC) which is part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), all part of the US Biological Defense Program.

fig #1: NBIC/DHS and the US biological defense program
fig #2: DHS role as non-military member of the IC (Intel Community), as per JP 2.0.
fig #3: NBIC Strategic Objective for private foreign sources of information

1.b The Ground Truth Network (GTN)

The description of the Ground Truth Network is available on GovTribe, starting with the main web page:

fig #4: GTN description on GovTribe
fig #5: GTN documents on GovTribe

1.c Tasks under the GTN:

Here is a high level description of the Ground Truth network the document gives:

fig #6: Information collected under Ground Truth
fig #7: Desired Capabilities of Ground Truth collectors
fig #8: Work required from Ground Truth collectors
  • Handling RFIs (Request For Information):
    RFI is standard intel language and part of the way requests are sent to the various entities and tracked while avoiding overlap. Basically take a very specific question, ask it to the relevant source, and get the answer back.
  • Doing Written Products:
    That means using some Subject Matter Expertise on top of info from sources to provide not just raw info but some analysis/evaluation. A Product is again standard intel phraseology and means a carefully crafted and reviewed assessment for the intel consumers where typically every word and turn of sentence matters. A simple answer to an RFI is normally not a Product.
fig #9: Intel TCPED process. From ‘The Five Disciplines of Intelligence Collection’ (2015)
fig #10: From the JP 2.0 (2013). A highly recommended read for a good introduction to US intel organisation.

2. The EHA Ground Truth grant

2.a Grant Details

Here is the EHA Ground Truth grant HSHQDC16C00113, which started in Sep 2016:

fig #12: EHA grant details on
fig #13: EHA grant funding details on
fig #11: EHA grant details on

2.b Some names:

From the table above you can extract some names:

fig #14: Google search results

3. Grant closure:

fig #15: Grant events (including closure)

4. Key Questions:

4.a How did EHA spend the $975k?

How can you spend $975K doing that job?
It’s more than 4 full-time salaries for collecting info and writing the occasional report, doing the occasional call.

4.b What was the return on these $975k?

Clearly it did not help much. We got about just zero from EHA and its partners Quite the contrary we only got data retention, obfuscation or straight fantasies.



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