WIV, EcoHealth, the Mojiang ‘miners’ cases and a bat sampling trip in April 2012


The medical cases of the 6 workers clearing guano from the Mojiang mine:

After 5 patients were admitted to our department (Wu XX was admitted to our Hospital Respiratory Department), the on-duty doctor immediately reported the specific situation to the medical affairs department to prevent the outbreak and epidemic of infectious diseases.
[original and translation] Note: The admission date would have been the 2nd May 2012. The medical affairs departments is basically the local CDC.

Summary of the workers’ cases
Timeline of events

Conflicting conclusions:

Based on the above mentioned cases and related researches, the unknown virus that lead to severe pneumonia could be: The SARS-like-CoV from the Chinese rufous horseshoe bat or another Bats SARS-like CoV.

A paper published in Science magazine in 2005 by Scientist Shi Zheng Li and Zhang Shu Yi from Wuhan Institute of Virology under Chinese Academy of Science, concluded that the SARS-like-CoV carried by bats is not contagious to humans. This contradiction indicates the importance of these six cases.

Given all of the six patients were exposed to huge amounts of bats and their feces, also inhaling the dust of the feces, it is important to go sampling the live bats and their feces in the same cave.

Therefore the cause of the outbreak is not yet clear. Despite the efforts of many parties, it has become an unsolved case so far.

The April 2012 Sampling trips:

Sampling Trips

The hospital trips:

Some questions:

Post Scriptum:




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